What is this all about?

All the way back in 2007 we became aware of a crazy rally from Budapest to Bamako that was cheap enough for ordinary people to join. It even had a humanitarian side. Anyway, we ended up joining the 2008 rally and got hooked. This site is all about our 2010 trip from Stavanger to Bamako and our milestones along the way.

For us personally this is a great experience, an adventure. But there is also something more, along the road we get to meet people with a life that is completely different from ours. And even better we can bring some joy to their lives. In 2008 we donated hundreds of clothes and toys to children we met along the way. With the help of some companies and friends at home we also managed to collect around 10000NOK for a well project and several laptop computers for a school, both in Mauritania.